4. WiBoLT from 25.05.2016 - 29.05.2016

Nonstop Ultra-running / New Trail Dimension in Germany

Schlosshotel Biebrich


 Start -> Wiesbaden

Complete running







Height profile



11700 height gain



Finish -> Bonn


Start: 25.05.2016 at 18 o ´clock (Wiesbaden)

Finish: 29.05.2016 at 12 o´clock (Bonn)



Invitation running... XX runners / to be able to be there at the 4th WiBoLT.

                                     (Maximum participants runner XX/XX/2016)


Per "Contact" (see on the left site) you can register your interest on the race.

The newsletter will keep you up to date!

Helpers may, of course, also like to report ...;-)


(Reports, pictures and more on www.kleiner-kobolt.de you can see, this event will be held this year for the 5th time and is in part a view of the ever Rheinsteig.)


Applications only with proof - beyond the 100km finish




90 hours
320 Kilometer
11700 height gain
2 dropbag-/ + 2 sleeping station
(KM 105 - Loreley -> sleeping station)
(KM 160 -Braubach -> 5 sleeping places)
(KMXXX- xxxxx -> 10 sleeping places)
(KM 231 - Feldkirchen -> sleeping station)